Featured Speakers :

 Dr. Ali Al Ghafri
Dr. Ali Al Ghafri
Chairman Assistant for International Relations and Media
Public Authority for Electricity and Water (PAEW)
 Eng. Hamed bin Salim Al Maghderi
Eng. Hamed bin Salim Al Maghderi
Chief Executive Officer
Rural Areas Electricity Company (RAECO)
 Humaid Al Amri
Humaid Al Amri
Head of Power Systems
Petroleum Development Oman (PDO)
 Mohamed El-Ghazawy
Mohamed El-Ghazawy
Project Coordinator
Egypt Environmental Affairs Agency (EEA)
 Dr. Michael Gallaher
Dr. Michael Gallaher
Senior Director, Environmental, Technology and Energy Economics
RTI International
 Dr. Muhammad Ajmal Khan
Dr. Muhammad Ajmal Khan
Professor of Water and Food Security and Qatar Shell Professorial Chair for Sustainable Development, Centre for Sustainable Development, College of Arts and Sciences
Qatar University
 Dr. Hala Yousry
Dr. Hala Yousry
Head of Rural Sociology Department
Desert Research Center, Egypt
 Dr. Mohammad Abu Zahra
Dr. Mohammad Abu Zahra
Assistant Professor in Chemical Engineering
Masdar Institute of Science & Technology

Helping you to develop renewable energy and water projects in Oman

Under the Patronage of:

Oman's Public Authority for Electricity & Water (PAEW) state the demand for electric power is increasing rapidly due to increasing population and economic growth, especially with the expansion of industrial areas. In spite of efforts to secure energy resources, they cannot continue to provide a supply which matches the annual growth rate of 8 - 10%.

In addition, by using renewable resources for the production of electricity, Oman would benefit from redirecting a higher percentage of gas production  for export or to supply expanding industrial base.

75% of last year’s OPWS 2013 participants interested in ‘upcoming projects’ and ‘new regulations or industry updates’. In addition, 94% of participants believe it is most important to hear from ‘government authorities and regulators’ and 97% want the chance to network with them too. Therefore, OPW Efficiency and Conservation 2014, bought to you by the Oman Power and Water brand, will take place between 18 - 19 May 2014 as a two-day conference focussing on the latest projects and regulations from the relevant authorities and utility companies. The conference is part of a public awareness campaign that will coincide with Arab Energy Efficiency Day on 21 May 2014.

Clean energy, power & water project updates:

  • PAEW collaborating with Japanese Agency for International Cooperation and Tokyo Electric Power to develop an EE&C master plan in power sector
  • PAEW collaborating with IRENA to develop renewable energy public policy framework
  • Authorities aiming for10% of electricity production from the solar technologies by 2020
  • PAEW developing a National Wind Resource Atlas to map potential wind energy sites
  • Rural Areas Electricity Company (RAEC) required to integrate renewable energy technologies in all projects where funding requested, for example Al Mazyunah solar power plant
  • Petroleum Development Oman (PDO) use solar energy for thermal Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) operations at Amal West field
  • PDO conducting a study for large-scale solar energy power generation 
  • PAEW is evaluating energy recovery turbines within the water network to generate electricity from energy currently wasted in pressure reduction valves
  • PAEW established leak detection teams to reduce gap between water produced and water used by customers and District Metered Areas (DMAs) to monitor and compare flows and pressure to billing data

Review our full industry update here.

Who should attend?

This is a must attend event for Omani government authorities, international and regional power and water companies, private developers, investors, banks, consultants, contractors, engineering firms, technology suppliers and manufacturers. Find out why you should attend OPW Efficiency and Conservation 2014.

What last year’s attendees had to say:

“The India-Oman strategic partnership and exceptionally close economic-commercial relations can be further deepened and diversified by business cooperation and joint ventures tie-ups in the field of power and water for which Oman Power and Water 2013 provides an excellent platform.“ H.E. J S Mukul, Ambassador,Embassy of India in Muscat (VIP panellist at OPWS 2013)
“The Oman Power and Water Summit 2013 presents an opportunity for the Sultanate of Oman and the Kingdom of Thailand to expand their cooperation for mutual benefit of both nations and people. for Thailand, the Sultanate of Oman has a lot of trade and investment opportunities to offer and can be a gateway to other GCC member states due to its strategic position in the Middle East.” H.E. Dr. Pornchai Danvivathana , Ambassador, Kingdom of Thailand to the Sultanate of Oman (VIP panellist at OPWS 2013)
“Because of the orography and climatology in Spain—incidentally, very similar, in many aspects to that of Oman, the need for water has become a number one priority for the people and the authorities in Spain. Therefore, it is no wonder that Spanish companies in the water sector are among the leading ones in the world. With respect to desalination, its use is rising in Spain and around the world. Spain is playing a key role in this development… The 190,000 m3/day Al Ghubrah Independent Water Project (IWP) in Muscat was awarded to a consortium with a top Spanish company in the sector… This is why this summit is very welcome and of outmost interest to the Spanish Embassy, its Trade Office and the Spanish companies in the sector.” H.E. Jose Luis Rosello Serra, Ambassador, Embassy of Spain (VIP panellist at OPWS 2013)
“No longer are the utility services of electricity and water either “dull” or “backwater”. Energy policy is top of the agenda in Oman, just as it is in Great Britain and the European Union. The triple challenge of ensuring security of supply, affordability and reducing carbon emissions is a common global theme. Industry models, regulation and structures are at the heart of the resolution of these challenges. The Oman Power and Water Summit 2013 is focussed on addressing these issues in Oman and provides the opportunity to listen to other countries’ experiences.” Stuart Cook, Managing Director , E-Serve and Board Member, OFGEM, UK (Key speaker at OPWS 2013)
“Since the early 21st century, growing concerns over CO2 emissions from fossil-fired power stations, and concerns about peak oil and energy independence, has created the conditions for a paradigm shift in how energy is generated, distributed and consumed. Transformative business processes are happening or imminent within all entities from generation, transmission, distribution, service provision, markets and even consumers. The Oman Power and Water Summit 2013 affords an opportunity to learn how Oman and other countries are progressing towards the new paradigm.” John Geoghegan, NDRC and leader Smart Grid Innovation Hub, Ireland (Key speaker at OPWS 2013)
“The summit provided a great understanding of energy and water sector in Oman.” Lamya Harub, First Secretary, Ministry of Foreign Affairs
“Attending the event gave the opportunity to network and obtain the latest information on asset management.” Dr. M. Ramaswamy, Technical Expert, Royal Estates, Royal Court Affairs, Oman
“The summit provided me with new contacts and new sector insights.” Ian Benfield, Director of Customer Affairs, Authority for Electricity Regulation
“By attending the summit, I met the key players and found out about the industry plans.” Stephen Sayer, Senior Lawyer, SASLO
“The summit provided significant data on renewable energy and regulations as well as networking opportunities.” Said Al Sahib, Sector Head, Power, Transport, Public, The Zubair Corporation

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84% of OPWS 2013 attendees who completed our survey said they would attend again in 2014 - register now.

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